Welcome To The Official Nationwide Chiropractic Patient Review Site!

We have developed a way to celebrate your excellent care through our newly developed online chiropractic patient review site, America’s Top Chiropractors. 

Rating sites have become key influencers for doctors’ reputations and their ability to attract new patients. Research shows that 3 in 4 patients use online reviews as their first step in finding a new doctor.*

America’s Top Chiropractors provides your patients with the opportunity to review their specific and unique experience at your office with a site that has revolutionized online patient reviews. Whereas other health review sites primarily focus on medical and dental doctors, ATC’s entire concentration is on chiropractic care.


* 2013 Industry View Report, Software Advice, 2013


America’s Top Chiropractors welcomes you to be a part of its new consumer rating site for chiropractors by featuring your business to patients nationwide looking for the best in chiropractic care. Be sure to also share the news of ATC with your patients and staff. 

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Signing up is Easy!

1. Visit our site at: www.AmericasTopChiropractors.com.

2. In the "Find a Chiropractor" box, search your location with your city, state or zip code.

3. Additionally search your last name in the "Additional Search Criteria" box.

4. Once you have located your name and practice, click on "Claim this Listing".

5. Enter in your email address and you will be provided with a username and temporary password.

6. Log in and update your profile as well as choose your listing level (example to the right).


*** Sign up today and receive your first 3 months of the Market Dominator tier for just $1 a month. 


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   Once you reach your overall 4-star rating simply visit PRSawards.com       and enter in the offer code ATC to purchase your plaque today.


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Marketing Research Coordinator
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