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A Systematic Review on the Effectiveness of Physical and Rehabilitation Interventions for Chronic Non-specific Low Back Pain
3/19/2018 01:20:07 AM
Chiro.Org Blog: This study has been included for completeness sake. It provides a broad assessment of many of the treatments available in the Supermarket Approach to the Management of Chronic Low Back Pain Strangely, it only mentions spinal manipulation in the Exercise therapy versus manual therapy/ manipulation section, and none of those studies included chiropractic (CMT) trials. Perhaps they missed the numerous studies conducted by researchers at the Wolfe-Harris Center @ Northwestern Health Sciences University. They are certainly worth reviewing.
Association Between Forward Head, Rounded Shoulders, and Increased Thoracic Kyphosis
3/16/2018 06:19:35 PM
Chiro.Org Blog: Normal posture is defined as when the line of gravity (LOG) passes through the external auditory meatus, the bodies of the cervical spine, and the acromion and anterior to the thoracic spine [6] (Fig 1). Normally, the external moment produced by gravity and ground reaction forces at a joint is offset by the internal moment produced by various muscles and other soft tissue structures around that joint. However, presence of postural malalignments may require greater internal forces to balance the external torque produced by gravity, which in turn is exaggerated owing to the altered location of the LOG. [7-9]
Manual Therapy and Exercise for Neck Pain: A Systematic Review
3/14/2018 02:19:35 PM
Chiro.Org Blog: This well-conducted review concluded that the benefits of combined mobilisation or manipulation plus exercise were reinforced; clinically important changes were noted in subacute/chronic neck pain with or without cervicogenic headache. Manipulation or mobilisation plus exercise provided some added short-term pain relief. However, the poor quality of the included evidence reduces the reliability of the authors' conclusions.