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Principles in Integrative Chiropractic
7/17/2018 12:15:52 PM
Chiro.Org Blog: CAM utilization is on the rise, driven to date by public interest. Chiropractic leads in utilization of CAM therapies. There is potential for the chiropractic profession to be integrated into medical delivery systems where most medical physicians (the younger ones and the ones in primary care) already believe chiropractic is a legitimate profession providing effective care for certain conditions. Physician referrals lag behind their stated beliefs in chiropractic efficacy, however. This is due in large part to barriers, both external and internal, to communication differences and deficits. In the pursuit of greater marketing advantage, some medical groups are considering integrating chiropractic. But there are cost-benefit reasons for managing chronic and musculoskeletal pain with chiropractic care.
Our Blog is Just a Tool.Do You Know How It Works?
7/17/2018 12:11:39 PM
Chiro.Org Blog: Every Blog post is an announcement of new material that was just added to one of our many Sections. I have been compiling (and archiving) peer-reviewed articles since early 1996, and to date we have thousands of Abstracts, and many hundreds of Full-Text articles on a wide variety of subjects. When enough material, relating to a particular topic, was collected, it was then gathered into a new Topical Page in one of our many Sections. Each Topical page is located in one of the Sections most associated with that topic. Thus, our Attention Deficit Page is located (is a part of) our Pediatrics Section You get the idea. Almost ALL of our Sections contain some, or many Topical collections. The LINKS Section is the most extreme example, because it contains 83 different topical pages.
Differences in Pain-related Characteristics Among Younger and Older Veterans Receiving Primary Care
7/15/2018 03:16:36 PM
Chiro.Org Blog: Furthermore, the vast majority of respondents reported that the pain causing them the most discomfort had been present for years: Over 90% of all respondents reported a pain duration of greater than 6 months suggesting that chronic (as opposed to acute) pain conditions are more concerning to veterans receiving primary care.