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Coverage of Nonpharmacologic Treatments for Low Back Pain Among US Public and Private Insurers
1/17/2019 02:59:55 PM
Chiro.Org Blog: Insurers are increasingly recognized as influential stakeholders that are well positioned to drive changes in pain treatment practices. One key component of such changes is the greater use of nonpharmacologic approaches to managing chronic, noncancer pain, as has been recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,10 the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis,8 and others.25 To our knowledge, our work represents the most comprehensive assessment of coverage policies regarding the medical necessity, coverage, and management of nonpharmacologic treatments for back pain. Although payers generally covered many nonpharmacologic therapies, medical necessity and coverage policies were sometimes inconsistent with relevant evidence syntheses.
Pain-Related Fear-Dissociable Neural Sources of Different Fear Constructs
1/15/2019 09:48:29 PM
Chiro.Org Blog: Fear of pain demonstrates significant prognostic value regarding the development of persistent musculoskeletal pain and disability. Its assessment often relies on self-report measures of pain-related fear by a variety of questionnaires. However, based either on "fear of movement/(re)injury/kinesiophobia," "fear avoidance beliefs," or "pain anxiety," pain-related fear constructs plausibly differ while it is unclear how specific the questionnaires are in assessing these different constructs. Furthermore, the relationship of pain-related fear to other anxiety measures such as state or trait anxiety remains ambiguous.
Interexaminer Reliability of Seated Motion Palpation for the Stiffest Spinal Site
1/13/2019 04:31:32 PM
Chiro.Org Blog: More than half the time (54.3%) the examiners in this study agreed on the exact segment or at least the motion segment that was stiff in a given spinal region. The MedianAED for the combined dataset was 01.1 VE. This information supports high levels of interexaminer reliability for the SSS in each region of the spine and in the combined dataset. Reliability estimates based on absolute examiner differences were relatively higher and seemed to be more trustworthy than prior estimates based on discrete analysis and analysis with κ because the assessment method more closely resembled that used by clinicians in clinical practice. The reliability seen in this study is broadly consistent with previous studies of MP using continuous analysis.